Puccinia horiana Henn.


AECIA unknown.

UREDINIA unknown.


TELIA (t) distributed on the whole under laf suerface, in loose conglomerations or connected, 0.5-3 mm diam, pulvinate, brownish yellow or beige.

TELIOSPORES (te) two- rarely three-celled, cylindrical, spindle-shaped, clavate, rarely elliptical, rounded or sharpened at the top, tapering towards the ase, slightly constricted at the transverse wall, 32-58 x 10-17 µm.

Wall yellowish, smooth, up to 1 µm thick at the side, 5-8 µm thick at the top.

Germ pores two, at the top in the upper cell, and at the transverse wall in the lower cell, buth indistinct, better visible in germinated spores.

Pedicel colourless, up to 50 µm long, persistent.

PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Telia of P. horianum dvelop on plant species of the gens Dendranthema Desmoul. (Majewski 1979).

According to Majewski (1979), P. horiana was found to occur in Japan, New Zealand, China, the former USSR, southern Africa, as well as in northern and western Europe.


Majewski T. 1979. Grzyby (Mycota) XI. Podstawczaki (Basidiomycetes), Rdzawnikowce (Uredinales) II. Warszawa-Kraków, 462 pp.