Puccinia malvacearum Bert.


AECIA unknown.

UREDINIA unknown.


TELIA (t) on the under leaf surface, petioles, stems, and calyx sepals, roundish, up to 1 mm diam, to prolate, brown, naked, later covered with a whitish coating of basidia. On the upper leaf surface, directly above the telia, yellow to orange, circular to oblong spots appear.

TELIOSPORES (te) longitudinally elliptical, spindle-shaped, slightly clavate or sharpened, rarely rounded at the top, narrowing towards the base, slightly or not at all constricted at the transverse wall, 40-63 x (15-)20-25 µm.

Wall smooth, yellowish, 2-3 µm thick aside, thickened up to 5-8 µm at the top.

Germ pores (gp) 2, at the top of the upper cell, and at the transverse wall in the lower cell, difficult to see.

Pedicel (p) long, colourless, persistent.

PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Telia of P. malvacearum occur on many plant species of different genera of the family Malvaceae (Majewski 1979).

Puccinia malvacearum has a worldwide distribution (Majewski 1979).


Majewski T. 1979. Grzyby (Mycota) XI. Podstawczaki (Basidiomycetes), Rdzawnikowce (Uredinales) II. Warszawa-Kraków, 462 pp.