Puccinia violae DC.

SPOTS whitish to white, irregular, 0.4-1 x 0.5-3 cm.



SPERMOGONIA (s) 100 to 120 µm diam, in small conglomerations on both the upper and under leaf surface.

AECIA (a) present on the under leaf surface, stems and petioles, in compact or loose conglomerations, of a different size, occasionally cover a large part of a leaf.

Peridium (p) cup-shaped, ca. 0.3 mm diam, with a whitish, finely rugged edge.


Peridial cells (pc) with an outer wall, 5-8 µm thick, ornamented with fine warts and an inner wall, 4-5 µm thick, covered with larger warts.

AECIOSPORES (ae) globose or slightly irregularly ovoid, slightly angular, 16-21 µm diam.

Wall colourless, thin, densely covered with fine warts.


UREDINIA (u) occur on the under leaf surface, circular, up to 0.5 mm diam, dusty, surrounded with remnants of epidermis and a yellow border formed by a discoloured leaf.

UREDINIOSPORES (ue) globose to ellipsoidal, frequently irregularly angular, 20-28 x 17-21 µm.

Wall brown yellow, ca. 2.5 µm thick, ornamented with small spines spaced 2-3 µm apart.

Germ pores (gp) 2, equatorial, with no distinct papillae.

TELIA (t) similar to uredinia, dark brown.


TELIOSPORES (te) widely ellipsoidal or inversely egg-shaped, rounded at both tips, rarely slightly sharpened at the base, only slightly constricted at the transverse wall, 23-33- x 16-21 µm.

Wall yellow brown, ca. 2.5 µm thick when examined from a side, thickened up to 4 µm at the top, covered with fine warts, difficult to see.

Germ pores 2, positioned at the top of the upper cell and at the lateral wall of the lower cell, both covered with yellowish, flattened papillae.

Pedicel colourless, short, fragile.

PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Spermogonia, aecia, uredinia, and telia occur on many species of the genus Viola.

Puccinia violae is a cosmopolitan fungus (Majewski 1979).

NOTES. All the specimens of P. violae presented here are from Viola canina L.


Majewski T. 1979. Grzyby (Mycota) XI. Podstawczaki (Basidiomycetes), Rdzawnikowce (Uredinales) II. Warszawa-Kraków, 462 pp.