Ramularia geranii Fuckel var. geranii

LEAF SPOTS amphigenous, subcircular to angular, 1.0-10 mm diam, at first pale greenish, later pale to dark brown; margin indefinite or narrow, dark, frequently with a diffuse yellowish, rarely purplish halo; sometimes large leaf segments or almost entire leaves discoloured or necrotic.


CAESPITULI amphigenous, usually hypophyllous, punctiform to dense, greyish white.


CONIDIOPHORES (cp) in small to rich fascicles, loose to dense, developing from stromata, through stomata, erect, straight, subcylindric to geniculate-sinuous, simple, 5-60 x (2-)2.5-5(-6) µm, aseptate or 1-septate, hyaline, smooth.


CONIDIA (c) catenate, sometimes in branched chains, ellipsoid-ovoid, subcylindric, hyaline, almost smooth to verruculose, 0-3-septate, 10.0-40.0(-55.0) x (2.0-)2.5-6.0(-7.0) µm; ends rounded or slightly attenuated; hila slightly thickened and darkened.


PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. In Poland, R. geranii var. geranii has affected Geranium dissectum L., G. molle L., and G. robertianum L. in the Slowinski National Park (54o45'N, 17o26'E; Adamska 2001; Adamska and Blaszkowski 2000), G. palustre L. in the Bug valley (50°48'N, 23°53'E; Danilkiewicz 1987), Pieniny (49°26'N, 20°19'E; Kucmierz 1976), and the the Leczynsko-Wlodawskie Lake District (51°33'N, 23°33'E; Mulenko 1988), G. phaeum L. in the Tatra Mountains (49°18'N, 19°57'E; Mulenko et al. 1995) and the Ojcowski National Park (50°13'N, 19°50'E; Kucmierz 1973), as well as G. pusillum Burm. F. ex L. growing in the Chmielinne reserve (52°10'N, 23°00'E; Danilkiewicz 1982), in the Bug valley (Danilkiewicz 1987), and the Slowinski National Park (Adamska 2001; Adamska and Blaszkowski 2000; Adamska et al. 1999).

In other regions of the world, R. geranii var. geranii has occurred on different species of the genera Erodium and Geranium (Geraniaceae) growing in Japan, Asia, and North America (Braun 1998).


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