Ramularia pratensis Jaap

LEAF SPOTS amphigenous, angular to irregular, vein-limited, at first greenish to brownish, later pale, whitish, 0.5-8 mm diam, with a brown margin or a diffuse halo.



CAESPITULI hypophyllous, punctiform, greyish white.



CONIDIOPHORES (cp) in small, loose fascicles, arising from hyphal aggregations, emerging through stomata, erect, geniculate-sinuous, simple, aseptate or 1-septate, hyaline, smooth, 8-35 x 2-5.5 µm.



CONIDIA (c) in chains, ellipsoid-ovoid, fusiform, hyaline, verruculose, aseptate or 1-septate, (6-)8-22(-26) x 2-6 µm; ends obtuse to subacute; hila small, slightly thickened and darkened.



PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Ramularia pratensis affects different species of the genera Oxyria, Rheum, and Rumex (Asteraceae) growing in Europe (Braun 1998).


Braun U. 1998. A monograph of Cercosporella, Ramularia and allied genera. Vol. 2. IHW-Verlag.