Septoria rubi (West.) Roak


LEAF SPOTS at first brown, later gray-white, 2-4 mm diam, surrounded by a narrow, red to purple border on the upper leaf surface. With time, the spots produce pycnidia. Similar spots appear on petioles and young, green shoots.


PYCNIDIA (p) brownish black, spherical or slightly oblate, compactly filled with conidia, 80-100 x 75-85 µm, almost entirely immersed in the host tissue.


CONIDIA (c) hyaline, filiform, straight or slightly curved, 1-4-septate, 20-50 x 1.5-2.5 µm.



PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Septoria rubi affects different plant species of the genus Rubus (Rosaceae).

This fungus has a worldwide distribution (Teterewnikowa-Babajan 1987).


Teterewnikowa-Babajan D. N. 1987. Griby roda Septoria w SSSR. Izdatelstwo An Armianskoj SSR, 480 pp.