Tranzschelia discolor

(Fuck.) Tranzsch. & Litv.

SPERMOGONIA dispersed on both leaf sides, globose, slightly immersed in the tissue, blackish, 130-160 µm diam.

AECIA dispersed on the whole under leaf surface, 0.5-0.7 mm diam.

Peridium cup-shaped, with a yellowish edge, divided into 3-6 triangular sections, bended towards outside.

Peridial cells with an almost smooth, 7-10 µm thick, outer wall and a warty, 3-4 µm thick, inner wall.

AECIOSPORES subglobose or ellipsoidal, angular, 20-26 x 16-21 µm.

Wall yellowish, 1.5-3 µm thick, densely covered with fine dots.


UREDINIA (u) occur on the under leaf surface, frequently numerous and connected with each other, early dusty, up to 0.5 mm diam. On the upper leaf surface, directly above the uredinia, yellowish to brown spots appear.

UREDINIOSPORES (ue) ellipsoidal, egg-shaped or inversely egg-shaped, rarely clavate, sharpened at the top, 22-38 x 12-18 µm.

Wall yellow brown, ca. 2 µm thick at the sides, covered with distinct spines spaced 2-2.5 µm, thickened up to 3-8 µm at the top and smooth.

Germ pores (gp) 3-4, equatorial, difficult to see.

TELIA similar to uredinia, brown black.



TELIOSPORES (te) 25-35 x 18-22 µm, composed of two usually unequal cells; upper cell larger, globose, with a brown wall, thickened at the top, densely ornamented with warts; bottom cell smaller, rather prolate, with a lighter-coloured wall, frequently almost colourless, thinner and ornamented with a lower number and more dispersed warts.

Pedicel (p) colourless, rather persistent in young spores.

PLANT HOST AND DISTRIBUTION. Spermogonia and aecia of T. discolor develop on Anemone coronaria L. and on some other species of this genus. Uredinia and telia of the fungus occur on Armeniaca vulgaris Lam., Cerasus mahaleb Mill., P. domestica L., P. dulcis (Mill.) Webb, and P. vulgaris Mill. (Majewski 1979).

Tranzschelia discolor is a cosmopolitan fungus (Majewski 1979).


Majewski T. 1979. Grzyby (Mycota) XI. Podstawczaki (Basidiomycetes), Rdzawnikowce (Uredinales) II. Warszawa-Kraków, 462 pp.